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GemIIni is a globally significant tool for the low-cost treatment of speech, language and communication delay for learners with autism and other special educational needs.’



The GemIIni Program helps children with special needs, on the autism spectrum and with language delay to specifically develop their receptive and expressive language and communication skills. GemIIni has been used to successfully teach a range of special needs learners, including those with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, down syndrome, hearing impairment and cerebral palsy, in addition to those with severe language delay and on the autism spectrum.  


A two week trial in Cape Town at the end of 2013, testing the effectiveness of using the GemIIni Program within a remedial school Reception Class, showed astounding results! The low-verbal children on the spectrum made between 166% - 433% increases in their expressive language, after only 10 days of viewing the GemIIni program. These and other recent clinical trial results demonstrated to us at Khuluma Education that GemIIni is indeed a highly effective program for teaching language skills.


One parent commented, after the two week GemIIni trial:

'GemIIni Video Modeling has made a great impact on my son's speech and language skills and given him more confidence.  What a difference! His teachers and therapists are also noticing and commenting on the improvement!'


In a clinical trial last year, in Spokane Public Schools, USA, non-verbal children using GemIIni showed over a 9,000% increase in language acquisition rates over baseline across the population, after only 1 week.  These results confirm what the GemIIni USA Team has seen in non-clinical trials in hospitals, clinics and schools over the past three years.


The GemIIni Program is not a replacement for speech therapy, rather it is most effective when the tool is embraced by speech therapists and used within therapeutic sessions, combined with children accessing the videos at home, and continuing their learning “out of hours” in their natural environment!


A recent study here in South Africa...

For the last two school terms, Khuluma Education has worked closely with the speech therapists and teachers at a renowned school for learners with autism, in Cape Town. 10 class teachers volunteered to be part of a short trial using the GemIIni video modeling sessions in their classes and to observe the level of impact on the language, engagement and performance of the learners at Vera School. All the feedback from the staff involved has been incredibly positive. As a result we have embarked on a larger scale study and data collection at the school, to establish the progress the learners make in their receptive and expressive language as a direct result of using the GemIIni program. 


All our data suggests that the vast majority of learners made significant progress in their language learning as a result of watching the GemIIni video sessions in class.

All 28 children who were tested made significant increases in their receptive and expressive language; low verbal learners made 100s of per cent increase and non-verbal learners have made up to 1000s of per cent increase in their receptive and expressive language skills, within only 3-8 days of viewing the GemIIni video sessions in class!

Our results therefore support the evidence from the US and demonstrate again that this video modeling program is a highly significant tool for language development. The results of this trial are in the process of being formally written up and will be available soon...


Here are some examples of feedback from staff at the school, having used GemIIni for only two weeks:  

I think the GemIIni program has great potential and has a definite place in our teaching environment. With my learners (mostly non-verbal) I had a very positive response. Most of them were visually engaged in each sequence set and we could see that they were enjoying it. Two of the learners who have some language were actively and independently repeating most of the words they were subjected to. One learner in particular, who is actually Afrikaans, would repeat the words with good articulation when prompted to do so. I would highly recommend this program as a tool for speech and language progression especially in the field of Autism.’  (Class Teacher)



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