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Khuluma Education is a South African education company, focused on introducing appropriate technology to provide sustainable and effective solutions to address the key education challenges here in South Africa.


Khuluma Education aims to remove many of the geographical and financial barriers to support and education across South Africa and make effective and quality learning accessible to all. One such solution we have found is the GemIIni DVM Program (GemIIni Systems, USA).


Khuluma Education has secured the exclusive rights in South Africa to the GemIIni DVM language development program. GemIIni DVM is an evidence based, highly effective online education tool, using video modeling sessions selected from an extensive video library, to demonstrate a specific word, skill or concept


GemIIni DVM is primarily a language, communication and literacy development tool that provides educators, therapists and parents with a significant resource to support the specific language needs of their learners.


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It's always good to hear feedback from our clients. Here's a recent testimonial from a parent using GemIIni DVM at home, in Cape Town:

"Our son was a non verbal child. We are proud to say that after just 2 months of consistent use of the Gemiini Program, he's now able to communicate in context with us!

The fact that Gemiini has an App (which can be used offline) is a major "awesome" contributing factor to our progress. Instead of playing a movie on our phones, he gets to watch whatever videos have been assigned to him and is learning to speak! Being able to communicate verbally with our son after 4 years and 5 months brings us so much joy.

Amaan's journey has just begun..." 






GemIIni DVM is a highly effective teaching tool for learners with a range of special needs and speech and language delay, and we are proud to offer parents and professionals across South Africa an easy to use online teaching tool to help get their children talking!


The GemIIni DVM program is now being used by a growing number of parents, schools and therapists around South Africa, to effectively support the language needs of Special Needs Learners as well as those with English as a First Additional Language.



Khuluma Education was invited for an Interview with Pippa Hudson on CAPE TALK Radio. Along with two teachers and a parent, we were able to share our experiences of using GemIIni DVM in South Africa. You can listen to our recent CAPE TALK Radio interview by clicking here!