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The Online Video Modeling Tool

GemIIni Discrete Video Modeling

GemIIni DVM is an online language video modeling tool, combined with other educational learning tools, which can be customized to meet the needs of each individual learner. It offers educators, parents and therapists the ability to create custom video modeling sessions from an extensive video library of video clips, or to select pre-made sessions, to use for each child in their care.


The GemIIni Program can be used to effectively support the language needs of Special Needs Learners and learners with English as a First Additional Language.


GemIIni is a low-cost, natural environment teaching tool, meeting a child where they are; it can be used wherever there is internet access, using any online device (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, and smart phone). The minimum requirement is a 1MB+ line speed in order to play the videos.


GemIIni can offer the language support needed for families and schools with limited resources and help them to allocate their resources more effectively, to support the needs of their learners.


The GemIIni program has an extensive online video library which currently contains around 12 000 video elements! These video clips can each be easily selected and ‘sewn’ together in a matter of minutes to create fully customized video sessions to meet a student’s specific needs. Videos are regularly added to the online video library and South African specific content is also being included. 


The GemIIni video sessions teach a wide range of different English language skills:

Basic vocabulary and labelling (including the first 3000 words of a child’s speech):

  •          animals
  •        action words
  •        body parts
  •        buildings and roads
  •        clothing
  •        colours
  •        community helpers
  •        food
  •        games and toys
  •        items around the home
  •        parts of a car
  •        shapes
  •        sports
  •        school items
  •        transport
  •        weather
  •        advanced vocabulary (youth or teen level)
  •        american sign language


Other language concepts and subjects taught using GemIIni, include:

  •        articulation
  •       attending skills
  •       calendar
  •       comparisons
  •       emotions
  •       grammar and prepositions (location words)  
  •       geography (landforms, maps and landmarks )
  •       hygiene
  •       intra-verbal (reciprocal communication)
  •       making choices
  •       manners and greetings
  •       mathematics and concept of number
  •       play skills
  •       pragmatics
  •       preschool games
  •       reading skills
  •       social skills
  •       seasons
  •       wh- questions (what, when, where, who...)


The video modeling clips cater for a range of different levels and ages, starting with basic labeling and continue in increasing sophistication until they are teaching university level vocabulary and advanced teen/adult social stories.


In addition to teaching extensive English language skills, the GemIIni Program offers:

  • An Early Reading and Dyslexia Program 


  • Eye Tracking Program (training a child to read across the page)


  • Sequential Processing Program (developing working memory and   associative memory skills)


  • Testing and Progress Tracking (a sophisticated data collection tool)


  • Notes and Assignments


Using the GemIIni Program:

Once a student or a school registers to use the GemIIni program, through Khuluma Education, each student is assigned a unique login Username and Password, to access their online GemIIni account. Students are charged a low-cost monthly subscription for unlimited access to the program, to use at home and in school.


Teachers and/or therapist are assigned a free login, linked to their individual student accounts, in order to use the video library to create customized sessions for their students and assign the sessions they create to each student, online.

In addition, teachers and therapists can pay a low cost subscription to use their account for showing the video sessions in class or in their therapy session with other students.

For more information and to register your child or school to access the online GemIIni  Program, please click here.