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Khuluma Education also work in mainstream schools in partnership with the following South African Education Organisations and NPOs to use the GemIIni video modeling to support young learners with English as First Additional Language:

We are keen to increase our outreach to other mainstream schools and educational environments in the year ahead...


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The South African CAPS curriculum states that English should become the ‘language of learning and Teaching (LoLT)’ from Grade 4. This means that children need to have developed a sound proficiency in speaking English and in listening and understanding English in their Foundation Phase of schooling, in order to acquire the level of English competency in order to succeed later in school and inevitably in life and finding a successful career.  



Intermediate Phase First Additional Language (G4-6) P.11 Section 2.2 (

The Foundation Phase focuses on building a strong oral foundation in Grade R and 1. This provides the foundation for learning to read and write in Grades 2 and 3. In South Africa, many children start using their additional language, English, as the Language of Learning and Teaching (LoLT) in Grade 4. This means that they must reach a high level of competence in English by the end of Grade 3, and they need to be able to read and write well in English.


The majority of students in South African do not have English as their ‘Home Language’, so English will be their ‘First Additional Language’ in school. The teaching of English in schools is key to the overall success of learners, as their ability to speak English inevitably impacts all areas of their learning, not just in speaking, reading and writing, but also in Mathematics, Sciences where an understanding of concepts is crucial and in Life Skills where effective communication skills are required.







 Khuluma Education offers the GemIIni Program as a highly effective solution to teachers, schools and communities for teaching English as a First Additional Language, particularly in Pre-schools and within the Foundation Phase of School, but it can also be used for English language learning in later phases of school, with relevant material for older students at High School level. 



Evidence from a recent trial in Philippi township in Cape Town, using 16 pre-school learners with English as a First Additional Language, has demonstrated that GemIIni video modeling program was highly effective in teaching the young learners English language skills.


Philippi Study: Using GemIIni to teach English as an Additional Language to pre-school learners

For 5 days, 16 pre-schoolers watched a video session about Clothes. The results show that all the students made significant progress during this short time of watching the GemIIni video modeling program twice through each day:

Every student taking part in the trial improved their language skills; both their receptive (understanding) and expressive (spoken) language skills improved dramatically in this short time and they all showed they were able to learn most (if not all) of the English names for different animals & clothes, after only 5 days of viewing!

Results: Having watched a video session of English terms for Clothes for 5 days in a group, the 16 learners made between 233.33% - 900% increase in their spoken English (average 519%) in only 5 days.

Conclusion: In addition to successfully supporting learners with special educational needs, the GemIIni video modeling program appears to be a highly useful teaching tool and a very successful program for teaching English language skills to pre-school students with English as a First Additional Language J


Class Teacher Feedback:

"It was a privilege to work with you [on the GemIIni trial].

I enjoyed seeing how the kids were excited to see you during this time.

This was an excellent opportunity for my kids to learn new English words and also to express themselves.

They have gained so much confidence and I see on their faces the excitement when coming from your class.

Because children learn in different ways this learning style is great for kids that are shy and still need to express themselves.

Yes, I would like to use the programme with the kids in future because surely it would benefit them."


For more information and to register your child or school to access the GemIIni  Program, please click here.